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“Y.E. - The Uniform Currency of the CIS”. 



For the 15’s Anniversary of the CIS. 



Disintegration of Soviet Union became a fertile soil for a birth of several new states, economic spaces and symbols. A new language of the post-Soviet economy appeared. And in fact the more complicated the system is, the more fantastic chimeras it generates. The ruble has conceded the positions, the young states of Commonwealth have entered the currencies. For many years the government is talking about introduction of Uniform Currency of the CIS for simplification of calculations. However, for more than 10 years the so-called Standard Unit already operates on the economic space of the CIS. This form of calculation is called to protect the economy from unexpected inflation, so usual for 90-s' years. This similar form of calculation exists not only in Russia, but also in some other states of CIS have had to join this economic reserve. CIS has not developed the contract about transition to the Uniform Currency for 15 years of work. But the market(?) of the post-Soviet space has developed it’s own laws. The universal rate of “Y.E.” can be equaled by any of foreign currencies. The Uniform Currency of the CIS– “Y.E.” - is the matrix and a prototype of Euro and acts all over the CIS for a quite long time! What is the “Y.E.” and what is the uniform currency of the CIS?  It’s time to make it in coins and to develop the UNIFORM RATE of “Y.E.”


The introduction of a uniform rate of the Standard Unit would became the conceptual prototype of Uniform currency of the CIS. Issue of memorable coins was made for this purpose 1 Y.E. and the corresponding project is donated to the Committee of CIS in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The coin feigns an esthetics of metal money. On the averse of the coins there is a symbol of the CIS and date of issue - 2006. On the reverser, advantage of a coin - 1 Y.E.


The pre-production model of Uniform Currency of the CIS “Y.E. - The Uniform Currency of the CIS” has been presented on December, 23rd, the day of the 15’s Anniversary of the CIS, in gallery " XL projects/Electroboutique " in Moscow. One of them was officially donated to the Museum of Parliamentarism at Assembly of the CIS (the Taurian palace, St.-Petersburg). On February, 20th, 2007 an agreement between the General Secretary of the CIS M.I.Krotov and the author of the project has been signed. 


Kirill Shamanov, media-artist, St.-Petersburg

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