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The world is ruled by the economy, and the cornerstone in any financial system is money and the right to issue it.
The Reserve Bank "0.10", established by the artist Kir Shamanov, for the issuing of art coins, is the "Monetization" project development, launched in 2005, when the artist presented a silver coin "0 rubles" issued in limited edition at the festival of the Institute Proarte. In the year of the centennial of the Revolution, this project takes on a new dimension. On specially made equipment for cold coinage, the spectator by himself can manufacture and receive coins of several denominations: 0 rubles, 0 dollars, 0 euros and 0 pounds sterling. The obverse of the coins depicts heroes and images of modern revolutionaries and leaders of resistance to modern transnational capitalism - Banksy, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Egor Letov and others


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