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Black Whirl
Green Whirl
Red Whirl
Blue Whirl
Blue dew
Black dew
Green dew
Red dew
Black cocoon
Red cocoon
Green cocoon
Blue cocoon
Blue stem
Green stem
Red stem
Black stem
Emerald stem
Black oblique cocoon
Emerald oblique cocoon
Blue oblique cocoon
Red oblique cocoon
Green oblique cocoon
Red cylinder
Black cylinder
Black cone
Red cone
Blue cone
Emerald cone
Black and red cones
Black and blue cones
Red and blue cones
Emerald and black cones
Emerald and blue cones
Blue oblique stem
Red oblique stem
Emerald oblique stem
Emerald, red, blue cocoons
Emerald, blue, black cocoons
Black, red, blue cocoons
Emerald, green, blue cocoons
Blue and red stems
Blue, red, black stems
Blue, red, green stems
Black and green stems
Black and red cocoons
Black and green cocoons
Blue and red cocoons
Black, blue, red cocoons
Blue, green, black cocoons
Blue, green, red cocoons
Black noise
Blue noise
Green noise
Blue and red noise
Green and red noise
Black and green noise
Black and red noise
Red noise
Blue noise
Red and black oval
1 red poppy
1 blue poppy
3 red poppies
3 blue poppies
Blue poppies
Red poppies
Blue poppies
Red poppies
Blue poppies
Red poppies
Green oval
Blue ovals
Red oval
Black oval

The series of paintings and graphics “Drafting” consists of more than 300 artworks. Ballpoint pen, marker and white background of paper or canvas refer to the minimalism, Suprematism and Leonardo’ sketches. Only a few people born in twentieth century were taught to draw, but all the people took up and wrote with an ink pen or ballpoint pen. That’s why “Drafting” technics has a tactile and soft effect on people, arising from a subconscious memory. 



Gained experience from Revolution and Russian Avant-garde, Russian artists from St. Petersburg are allowed to forget about social pretentiousness. In contemporary abstract Russian art, in “Russian Arriere garde”, it’s more interesting to solve questions of the form and the colour and the  intersections of these forms, colours, new technologies, psychoanalysis and contemporary art. It makes possible to return roots of Russian Avant-garde to contemporary design and architecture, articulating with its new interpretations.



The boring and mystical shade of mystery should be torn down from the Abstraction! Abstraction is much closer to pop-art than to “psychedelic hallucinations of stoned mystics”. 


In the plastic of my artworks I’m trying to reach the effect of levitation that Malevich bequeathed to us and this is no doubt sufficient. Generally, I choose the plain background where forms levitate, distinguishing in different ways the second and the third plans in the space of artworks and impart motion to the composition.


2011 - 2014

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