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2016, March. Shortlist. Sergey Kurekhin Prize nominant in a category "Best Visual Art". Saint Petersburg.

2016, April. Sergey Kurekhin Prize exhibition. Sergey Kurekhin Centre, St. Petersburg

2016, February. To the centenary of the Black Square. Performance "Tajiks Art draws better - Black Square". Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow.

2015, December. In the footsteps of "Pop-Mechanics"-2. Sergey Kuryokhin Centre for contemporary art, Saint Petersbugr.
2014, June. Alcohol distilled from the blood of Russians and Ukrainians "Extractum Hominus: My blood is your wine - Russian-Ukrainian cocktail" within the exhibition Casus Pacis whithin Manifesta10. Street Art Museum, Saint-Petersburg.

2012, August. Repetition of the performance “Anthropometry” by Yves Klein at the opening of the street art festival “Makaronnaya Fabrika”. Pasta factory building, 18th line, Rostov on Don.
2011, September. Tajiks-Art group with specially hired gastarbeiters copies pictures created by V. Putin, D. Medvedev, V. Matvienko. Non-profit program at Art-Moscow 2011. The Central House Of Artists, Moscow.
2011, September. As a part of the charity event Tajiks-Art group colors a house on the New Holland island. Saint-Petersburg.
2011, June. Within the exhibition “GOP-ART in ZP” Tajiks-Art repeats Banksy. Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm.
2010, September. Tajiks-Art group repeated the series of performances “The Artist is present” by Marina Abramovic in conjunction with Daha Braha Theater within international festival of contemporary art “GOGOLFEST”. Kiev, Ukraine.
2010, February. «Tajiks-art draws better», St. Petersburg Biennale. MANEGE Central Exhibition Hall of St.Petersburg.
2009, October. Repetition of performance “Cut Piece” by Yoko Ono. Red Hall, Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow.

2009, September. Tajiks-art group, 5-days performance «All masterieces are ours and much cheaper!», art-alcohol from Migrant workers blood. Non-commercial programme Moscow Art Fair, 2009. The Central House Of Artists, Moscow.
2009, July. Repetition of the performance «Paid people» by Santiago Sierra. Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow.
2009, June. Repetition of the performance “Diktatur der Kunst”  by Meese. Regina gallery, Winzavod centre for contemporary art, Moscow.      
2009, May. Repetition of the performance «Balkan Baroque» by Marina Abramovic. «Solyanka» club, Moscow.

"Tajiks-art" group has appeared in the beginning of 2009 and immediately attracted public attention. Art-group criticises secondariness of russian contemporary art and exploitation of man by man widespread in Capitalist society.  

Anonymous activists created a blog in Live Journal and presented “Price list”(illustration 1) where they proposed to repeat known performances of various artists MUCH CHEAPER by gastarbeiter-performers. 

It was a scandal - radically unrepeatable Performance Art paradoxically became repeatable.

Since April 2009 Tajiks-Art began a triumphal procession on the main art sites of the country - "Solyanka" club, Red Hall and Regina gallery at Winzavod centre for contemporary art, Center for Contemporary Culture “Garage”, special project for Art-Moscow 2009 and 2011... And at all of these platforms Tajiks-Art becomes a headliner or performs personal projects that cause a furor in the press and gets a wide publicity - the group celebrated in the press from the newspaper "Metro" to the magazine "Flash Art", from the news on the channel "Star" to TV stories on the channel "Al Jazeera".

Kirill Shamanov - artist, curator, art critic, writer, frontman and Development Director of Tajiks-Art corporation.


Alexander Efremov - science artist, biologist, PHD in Biology, professor.

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