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Supremathematics PDF

Zero culture has deep roots in the history of art in Saint Petersburg -  Nichevoki group, Suprematism invented by K. Malevich, Exhibition of Paintings 0.10 that became the cornerstone of the Russian Avant-Garde in 1910-1920s and 1980‘s Nuleviki (Nulls). All of them were looking for reference image, “image prior to the birth of image” and inevitably came to the concept of emptiness, zero, trying to "get over zero." In this sense the art-teaching project SUPREMATHEMATICS inherits the best traditions of the St. Petersburg’s art and again brings Zero-culture in the discourse of contemporary culture.

Supremathematics is a new method for mathematical and philosophical studies of fundamental processes of emergence and existence of reality. 

The method was discovered as part of the artistic experiment on value of the Zero number and infinity symbol and subsequently developed into a worldview system which studies discoveries of ancient Chinese and Egyptian thinkers in mathematical language. 

Due to experiment with graphic images the two new mathematical symbols were discovered and due to them were discovered new mathematical values, which which significantly expand the picture of whole mathematical philosophy.

Mathematical symbol turned out by intertwining of Zero and Infinity, “the Mathematical Dao”(img. 1), is an evident symbol of external borders of mathematics and the entire mathematical machinery. 

All mathematical operations are produced inside Infinity with its axis having Zero.  That's how this new symbol unites two mathematical oppositions (0 & Infinity) and treats as equal to all possible mathematics. Yin and yang of mathematics.

0.10 is a disappearing micro-particle aspiring to Zero, a border between Zero and it's demonstration in One. In general 0.10 includes all multitude of forms.

Kalach* or point of dew** is a graphical representation of this new number (img. 2). It looks like Infinity turned inside out in Zero. This new figure, number, symbol means internal Infinity, disappearing border of mathematics and matter, legendary 0.10 "twinkling" in Zero or Alpha and Omega of mathematics in one expressive symbol.

2013, March. “Pictures of Happiness and Supremathematics”. Zverevskiy Art Center, Moscow.

2012, November. “Supremathematics”, “Dimensions Variable”, “MOE Vienna”, Vienna, Austria.

2012, January. Exhibition «Nine in the tenth degree», Pori, Finland.

2009, July. Exhibition "Space of Silence", "Krasnoe Znamya" factory, Saint-Petersburg.

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