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Once upon a time, in 2000 when I had already attended a part of the course on Theory and Practice of Contemporary Art in PRO ARTE Foundation supported by George Soros but when I had not yet become an artist, I came to visit my friend who was actively using and selling heroin.


I found out that he and his guests were pouring the water from the remnants of blood in the flower pots and at the wallpaper while washing syringes after injections.There were several thick specific stains on the wallpaper and I just had listened to several lectures on American Abstract expressionism, so series of slides viewed mixed in my mind with what I’d seen there and I offered to a friend to hang drawing paper in there for pouring this remnants of blood, heroin and water.


During the following month my friend and his drug addicted guests had been doing this, creating this picture, which can be considered as my first work of art.




P.S. The artwork is in private collection. Making copies is impossible due to criminal penalties.

2000, 80х80 cm, blood, heroin, drawing paper.
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